It’s a well-known fact that all european TV’s member of the EBU as TVE or BBC have failed in several decisions as national finals or internal selections. But the EBU can fail too.

To begin with I would like to remind EBU’s flag policy. We cannot forget the incident with the Basque Country’s flag (Ikurriña) last year, reaching even the House of Representatives, the Government of Spain and the spanish embassy in Sweden. Only ISIS flag, fascist flags or whatever flag which appeal to dictatorships should be banned. A catalonian should be able to go with an Estelada -or an scottish with the flag of Scotland- to enjoy ESC next year in Kyiv.

In addition, Eurovision is becoming more american. The number of pop songs with an empty vocabulary and with a poor grammar is constantly increasing, songs about the most traditional clichés.

Moreover, we must remember that Eurovision is a live music festival. EBU should promote these live items, in opposition with the increasing of playback items. Eurovision lose an important thing with the supression of the orchestra, and it is still losing other, people limitation in a huge stage is a striking example of this.

The last thing is a simple one. Entries don’t have to be videoclips and disturbing and spectacular entries with the singer climbing in a LED screen, eating fire or doing somersaults sould not be the winner. You can have a good looking stage wothout be overloaded.

We can have to videos (Spain 1995, second place, and Russia 2016, third place) as conclussion, your opinion is what matter, that was mine.

Spain 1995- Anabel Conde, Vuelve conmigo

Russia 2016- Sergey Lazarev- You’re the only one