This happened recently in Italy, in a programme where the representative of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, was going to perform.

While she was doing a rehearsal before the programme started, a dancer started to act quite rarely around her. He approximated to her and started to touch her legs and her hip. Firstly she did not react at all.

Then, he started to put his face closer to Marrone’s one, like trying to kiss her. Then he started to touch her hideously. Her face was reflecting confussion and angriness.

This situation continued until Emma could not resist anymore and shoved him yelling “Too much!“. Then the productors decide to act and told her that it all had been a prank.

The dancer apologized and Emma hugged him.

The polemic arrived when the clip was played during the emission. While the public, the hosts and even Marrone were laughing at it, the social networks started to debate if that had been just a prank. Some people defended that, but so many defended that it was not a prank, it had been a sexist attitude and even some said that it could be considered as a sexual agression.

All about it in this video that AJ+ posted: