Salvador Sobral slayed past Saturday night in the Eurovision Song Contest Final. All the 42 countries voted for Salvador.

Maybe language connection, portuguese diaspora or just the feeling, made all galicians support Portugal staunchly. Even a hastag was launched: Galiza Com Portugal {Galiza With Portugal}.

The excitement was really huge, even one of the most popular TV hosts of Galicia, Roberto Vilar, said on Friday that if Portugal won, he would make next programme dressed with only the portuguese flag. And we will be able to see it tomorrow at 22:00 CET, when TVG will broadcast #LandRoberPortugal, in honour of the last Eurovision winner.

Many galician people showed their support to Portugal:

TRANSLATION: Tonight, as always, #GalizaComPortugal

TRANSLATION: This image describes perfectly why we supported and will always support Portugal.

TRANSLATION: All the people who prefers linguist unification [at ESC] should think about this prize.

Carlos Callón was the main candidate of a pro-galician party at the 2015 Spanish General Election.