Firstly let us introduce you to Albert Limani, part of the eurofan web esckosovo. We are really glad to interview them to know Kosovo’s opinion about the new era that is opened in the country.

SpainEurovisionInfo (SEI): RTK and EBU have been negotiating for years a possible debut of Kosovo, and even in 2016, all Europe believed that your country would make a debut. Do you think your country will debut soon?

ESCKosovo (ESCK): Yes, RTK and EBU have a good relations, becAuse RTK joined the EBU in 1999. So about Eurovision we think the problems for Kosovo’s debut are political, Kosovo it’s part of FIFA,UEFA, Olympic Games and now it’s time to debut at Eurovision too, we hope to send our song to Portugal.

SEI: Is Kosovo save enough to host the Eurovision Song Contest? 

ESCK: Of course it is, 17 years ago the war ended in Kosovo. Kosovo is a safe place and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year year, war images do not belong to us, today we live in peace.

SEI: Could Kosovo afford hosting the Eurovision Song Contest?

ESCK: We believe that, with the suppot of EBU, Kosovo would be able to host Eurovision Song Contest, but let us participate fist.

SEI: As fans and Kosovar people, how did you feel when EBU released the 2016’s banned flags and Kosovo’s one appeared there?

ESCK: It was a very difficult moment for us, we felt insulted and immediately wrote to the EBU. After a few days they removed the decision and apologised.

SEI: Is there in Kosovo a real interest in Eurovision?

ESCK: As we said earlier, since the declaration of independence in 2008, RTK wants to allow Kosovo’s participation in the contest, as well as Kosovar citizens have a sympathy for Eurovision.

SEI: Do you think that the political conflict between the different Balkan countries could ruin Kosovo’s debut?

ESCK: No, we don’t think so, Kosovo has good relations with neighbours, including Serbia, where the prime ministers of both states meet frequently and talk about different issues, and the Eurovision is a non-political music competition.

SEI: Did you feel represented when some Kosovar artists represented Albania? For example, did Lindita Halimi made you feel proud of her?

ESCK: Yes of course. We feel proud of Rona Nishliu (2012), Klesta Qehaja (2016) and this year Lindita Halimi, but we are an independent country and we want to represent as such.

SEI: Thank you so much, these all were the questions that we wanted to ask you. Kisses from Spain and, hopefully, we will see you in ESC soon!

ESCK: Thank you too! Hugs from Kosovo #EurovisionKosovo Team.