It seems that Eurovision is a very important question in Spain, where politicians usually criticise RTVE because of the bad results at ESC.

As you might know, Spain got 5 points and a last place in Kyiv, putting Eurovision in the centre of the debates, even in the political debate. As usual, the President of RTVE (from the People’s Party-Liberal Conservative) went to the Spanish Senate in Madrid to answer all the questions that the senators could have.

There, the spokeperson of the social democratic group, José Zaragoza, asked the President about the last place of Spain just some weeks ago (the last time that Spain was lost was in 1999). This is what the President said:

TVE has made a big effort to do its best at Eurovision. Our team has put all the possible effort, and I am very proud of that. About the result, everytime we take part at Eurovision, I want the best place for Spain, and I would have prefered to get a better place. We are already working on Eurovision 2018 to get a better result.

The senator got really angry after this answer and blourted out his next accusation:

I am very glad for you. It is very obvious that you did not pretend to win Eurovision to not organise it in 2018. You have decided that you souldn’t spend that money. That was a really useful decision, as in the National Final with that fixed election […] Will TVE be able to do something with the objective of winning? I am not saying that we should win inmediately, I am imploring you to do the best for Spain at Eurovision.

The debate ended with the reply of RTVE’s President

You should remind that your party [Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party-Social democrats] has put some Presidents leading RTVE too, and with them, we have also had bad results. Since our wins in 1968 and 1969 we have not been important in Eurovision. I’ve already said that I will try my best.