It’s the most important new for the questioned integrity of RTVE’s managment. Every party from the opposition (including far-left, secessionists, right-wing and left-wing parties) agreed to change everything of RTVE.

The Spanish Public Broadcaster, Televisión Española (TVE) was strongly criticised by non-government parties as the PSOE or Podemos. Its audience was falling down every month as the citizens were getting rid of the manipulation.

This agreement was nothing important until today, because the centrist party that supports Rajoy’s government, Ciudadanos (citizens), did not want to support the opposition on this reform as they said it was a political one.

Surprinsingly, this party has just announced that they will support RTVE’s reform, so a majority at the Spanish Congress will make it possible.

Why is this important for Eurovision?

It is really important for Eurovision. The reform will end political decisions like the spanish NO to Kosovo entering Eurovision. It will also change its managment, so TVE’s plans for Eurovision 2018 would deeply change.

It will also fire the old people that were doing the manipulation and corruption, so if new generations enter to have a different RTVE, we will certainly see a new Spain at Eurovision.