It seems that Spain is living an ongoing eurodrama. Now it is about which artists are interested in Eurovision and wich ones are not.

Firstly, let’s see who said a big NO to the Eurovision.

  • Sweet California. This girlband already said no to Eurovision. In an interview with the Spanish magazine Bluper (link: here) they said: We would not go to Eurovision after what happened this year, talking about the presumed corruption about Manel’s election in Objetivo Eurovisión and the drama that came after that.
  • Vega. This composer said no to Eurovision earlier in 2016. She said that the actual contest is not as the old times, and that politics ruin the spirit of bringing us together by the music. We do not know if she has changed her opinion.

Anyway, many artists have expressed their interest on going to Portugal the next year.

  • David Civera wants to return. He got a very good place at Eurovision 2001 with the song Dile que la quiero (‘Tell Her that I love Her’) a 6th place with 76 points. It may seem strange but, it was one of the biggest punctuations of Spain in its history. Now, inspired by Portugal’s first victory, he wants to rescue Spain from the bad results.
  • Mirela. Yes, she again. Mirela said she would try it another more time. Her last try was in Objetivo Eurovisión 2017, when she came second with 58 points and 1 jury vote, as she was tied with Manel Navarro, that got 58 points too, but 2 jury votes.

Yes, we posted that video to show you that not only Manel Navarro has squawks.

Those are just 4 examples of well-known artists in Spain that have talked about ESC. However the National Selection for Spain is not decided. Although TVE announced that Operación Triunfo would be the National Final, TVE denied it too (paradoxically). Even an Internal Selection is quite possible nowadays.