Some turkish artists and several eurofans from there have started a campaign in order to put pressure over TRT to bring Turkey back to Eurovision.

Tweet promoting the campaign called ‘IbrahimEren EurovisionaDön’

TRANSLATION: More than 80 million people want to feel again the country’s excitement. We hope Turkey is back in the contest. IbrahimEren EurovisionDön’.

We should remember that the crash between the EBU and Turkey’s broadcaster, TRT, was quite awkward and painful. Turkey firstly suggested to the EBU that the BIG4 sould not exist, and when Italy joined it (BIG5 nowadays), Turkey required it. In 2012, as the EBU ignored TRT’s conditions to participate in the contest, Turkey decided to withdraw in 2013.

Since then, the EBU and TRT have been negotiating that conditions to make Turkey’s return possible.

TRT hasn’t said anything yet.