Eurovision is not a very cheap thing, that’s obvious. As Europe has survived to one of the worst financial crisis ever, we know that many of you cannot afford going to Lisbon easily. As many people of this web. So here we go!

ONE. The early bird catches the worm.

Don’t be a fool. Book your hotel in advance, don’t wait until there’re not almost any ticket to look for one. The ideal time is six months before the Grand Final, when prices start to grow too, and I mean, too much. So booking in November or December 2017 will be totally right.

Anyway, if you feel that you are a super organised person or you surely know that you will be able to go to Lisbon, book it now!

TWO. We all can regret.

If you do, you can loose a pretty nice amount of money if the hotel does not have free cancellation. If you find a cheap and nice hotel that offers free cancellations, BOOK IT.

THREE. Don’t choose a hotel where you can see the MEO Arena.

FURTHER is BETTER. Lisbon has a nice subway/underground system. Use it. If you sleep in a hotel nine kilometers away from the MEO, you can arrive in less than 40 minutesIf you like to walk long distances, you can walk two hours while seeing the beauty of Lisbon. Then, at the arena, you will not dance too much.

FOUR. Plane, bus or car?

If you are not from Spain, southern France or Portugal, you will have to take a plane to go to Lisbon. If you are from any of those places, use the bus, specially if you are from: Portugal, Galicia, Castile and León, Extremadura and Andalusia. That will help you to save a great amount of money. If you are patient enough, it’s your best option. If you have a car… great! You will save even more money!

Anyway, if you are from… Sweden, for example, you can come by bus or car… not very nice, right?

FIVE. Dance or saving money. That’s your choice.

If you want to go to the semi-finals, you will not spend too much money on tickets. Usually less than 100€. That is not the same at the Grand Final. Tickets for the ‘standing zone’ usually cost more than 200€, and it can reach 800€ at the resale.

To save money, you can sit at the steps. They are quite affordable: you can oay from 5€ for the zone called I don’t see nothing, oh my God. You can pay 50-70€ for the OK, it is a good place to see the Contest zone, or you can pay 200-300€ for the OH MY GOD I AM F********* LIVING IT.

Those are just 5 tips to try to save money if you want to go to Lisbon. Soon, we’ll present you more.