Those are the best news for the spanish eurofans. It’s been 48 years since Spain celebrated the first Eurovision event, when they hosted Eurovision 1969.

Then, the Eurovision-spain’s team decided to take Eurovision back to Spain by organising the first Eurovision Preparty in Spain in 2017. More than 1500 fans, almost 100 journalists and a lot of artists came to Madrid to enjoy a warm-up of the ESC 2017.

The live stream also reunited more than 45,000 people.

They have also announced that the party will take place the next 20th and 21th April 2018. The 20th April the welcome party will be held, and the main day will be the 21th, when the Eurovision artists of 2018 will perform.

We felt so comfortable and we enjoyed 2017’s party, we wish you luck eurovision-spain!