The 2018 National Final season is very ‘latina’. Different latin vibes are conquering Europe’s favourite TV show.

From Norway to Moldova, and of couse Spain. We can find reggaeton in various nations. We will leave here just some examples:

From Norway we have Alejandro Fuentes and his song called Tengo otra (‘I Have Another One’) and it’s being a bop in Norway. Here you have the song:


Another song is coming in from Moldova. Nicoleta Sava wants to represent her country by this flamenco song called La esencia del sur (‘South’s essence’):

Of course we must travel to the origin of those latino vibes! Spain! In the Spanish National Final, Operación Triunfo, we have heard a lot of latin and reggaeton songs. Spain is a country where tis type of music is so popular, and we could see this music in Lisbon as FórmulaTV has published that RTVE received more than 200 songs from various genres. Reggaeton could be one.

We have to know that the Despacito phenomena has caused a rise of reggaeton’s popularity worldwide. Of course, this increase has had consequences in Europe, making the National Finals for the Eurovision Song Contest a kind of a shop window for this music.