In the ‘Telediario 2’, TVE’s News programme, TVE announced that the rules for choosing the Spanish representative in Lisbon would be radically changed.

Spain is chaotic? Well, Eurovision in Spain is. TVE has just decided to change the whole National Final… seven days before it will take place!

The initial ideal consisted in 5 finalists with one song (each one). Now, the changes are the following ones:

  • The initial idea will be included.
  • The groupal song composed by the initial 16 contestants, ‘Camina’ will be a competing song.
  • 3 duets will be included.
  • We will have 6 finalists instead of 5, as this second semifinal is not a semifinal anymore. The contestant eliminated tonight (Ana or Agoney) will participate in the national final anyway, as part of a duet (the eliminated contestant cannot have a solo song as he/she is not a finalist).

So the participants are: Amaia (jury’s favourite), Alfred, Aitana, Miriam, Agoney and Ana. Agoney and Ana are competing in this semifinal to have a place in OT’s Final.