Racism and xenophobia are not only a political matter, they are stuck in the depths of a part of the European society. Multiple examples can be found among Eurovision fans, although today we going to discuss a Spanish case. Fascism is still alive.

n this case, hatred is aimed towards Alfred and Amaia, RTVE’s representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. One is accused of being a “puto independentista” (motherfucking independentist), the other gets called “feminazi”, it is starting well.

Alfred has got a petition in the platform change.org against him to make RTVE deny his right to represent “Spain” claiming “he does not feel Spanish”. To begin with, Eurovision is a music festival in which the contestants represent the broadcasters, not the countries, and he has not openly stated his opinion on the Catalan conflict; he has behaved as he should in order not to stir more controversy. However, several unfounded rumours have been spread to try to prove his separatist attitude, like the one we are going to leave below, which got sent to our Twitter in order to get us to promote it.

image (2)
One tweet showing Alfred voting in the last Spanish General Election.

This unfounded rumour shows Alfred voting in the General Elections, not the Autonomous Region ones nor the 1st October independence referendum. As you can see, he is being accused of being a traitor and of “voting to leave Spain”, when he is in fact voting for the Spanish Elections, hence the sepia ballot box for the Senate votes.

No matter how ridiculous it seems, there is still people who falls for this trickery and supports them, a fact that should be concerning to all of us. If they act like this towards a Eurovision representative, how will they react to everyday citizens using their freedom of speech?

Amaia has also received hate from the same subjects, which called her a “feminazi” for drawing on the armpit hairs that RTVE had photoshopped out for the OT magazines. In this case, for the sexists, it is becoming a “radical feminist show” and not a music festival.

image (3)

Honestly, these people -which probably aren’t fans of the Contest- are just bored. They are bigots searching for the spotlight, making hatred a delicious nectar for them. One will never understand how there are people like them. And most importantly, why do their political ideology or their armpit hairs if they are in Lisbon to sing?