The Spanish Public Broadcaster, TVE, pubished the rules that would run the national casting for the 2018 edition of Operación Triunfo. They stated that the contestants could be selected to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Today that possibility is even stronger after the meeting between the President of RTVE and the Control Comission of RTVE in Madrid.

Firstly he spoke in the lower house, the Congress, and he was asked by the deputies about the low places that Spain is getting at the contest. The President said:

The assessment could not be better. The audience that followed the journey of Amaia y Alfred makes RTVE feel so proud of its work. We had the best share since 2008.

Basically the President of RTVE avoided the questions about the bad results saying that Spain had a great share and audience, and that ‘Operación Triunfo’ was a ‘well-regarded’ selection formula, opening the possibilty to use it the next year.

He spoke, at the end of the meeting, about the 23rd place that Spain got three weeks ago in Lisbon. He said:

Although the professionalism and hard work of RTVE, the place that we got was such a disappointment. We compete against so many good countries and the actual voting system did not help us too much.