First of all, I want to show gratitude for helping me with the translation of this article to Lottie Doyle.

On February 11th, (or february 12th) TVE is broadcasting the grand final of Objetivo Eurovisión.

After a brilliant final of the Eurocasting broadcasted live in, TVE is probably preparing a hair-rising programme.

Since the Eurocasting has ended, TVE hasn’t said almost anything about Objetivo Eurovisión, except the finalists. However, the published leaks are giving us feelings of fury, confusion and exhaustion. Those feelings even cause eurofans to ask themselves why is Spain taking part in Eurovision.

The question is, why are 45 million spaniards paying taxes to a public broadcaster that should try to win Eurovision while TVE can just say that there isn’t money enough. In TVE there is enough money, what TVE doesn’t have is a enough interest on Eurovision.

In addition, the Eurocasting final will have been greater than the final that TVE is planning to do. The division between the’ team and the TVE’s team is what demolish the reasons of TVE for making such bad National Finals, just because has less money and people,it was a better programme.

What we are talking about now is: Could’ team make a better Objetivo Eurovisión than TVE’s one? Considering the situation, it is a highly likely affirmation. This is the feeling of fury, we have a big TVE but it doesn’t work.

Exhaustion. The eurofan community is very tired of seeing how their public broadcaster laughs at them, and they are financing it. Too much talking will get you into trouble, in TVE’s case, we would say: ‘Too much Eurovision will get TVE into trouble’.

What causes confusion is thinking why are the directors of TVE doing what they do, and how they do all the ESC processes. If they act like that for keeping their asses in TVE, they are not getting it. It’s true that, maybe, they can be put under pressure  by someone or some institutions, but, if that was true, they would seem ill at ease. So we can refuse that possibility- Why does TVE do this?

Should we demonstrate? Should we shut up? What can we do against a passive broadcaster that doesn’t care?