The spokeperson of Israel announced that the country would withdraw from Eurovision during the jury’s voting, because IBA closed. Now, the new israeli broadcaster could be admitted in the UER.

That means, Israel might not withdraw from Eurovision, or at least some media suppose that.

That also means that the debut of Lebanon, would not be possible, because of the deep political crisis between the two countries. Don’t forget that their debut was planned and ready in 2005, but then Israel decided to participate too.

Palestine, which is not a recognised nation, has it’s national broadcaster (PBC) recognised as an associated member of the EBU since 2009, so Palestine cannot participate nowadays. The israeli withrawn would improve the relations between EBU and PBC, that have been already studying the palestinian debut.

Morocco would not participate, whether Israeli withdraws or not. The country has broadcasted the contest earlier, but the government cuts the parts that are considered as innapropiated. They have already participated once, but in 1980.

Tunisia has tried to join the song contest earlier, but never did. Now, as the country has suffered a really deep political and social change (laicism, for exmaple); we could see Tunisia in the contest very soon.

Argelia and Egypt have not shown any interest on Eurovision.