The rules of the EBU are very clear about an independent Catalonia. If the Autonomous Community gets independence after the next ‘Catalonian Sovereignity Referendum’ scheduled at the next 1st October, the Catalonian public broadcaster -TV3- would not be part of the EBU.

After getting independence, the TV3 should apply to be part of the EBU. Supposing that this request arrives to the EBU in 2018, the EBU would study it, make a debate and letting the different members to give their opinion to vote. The voting would take part in later 2018/ early 2019, and it would be a big NO to TV3 and Catalonia.

To get access to the Eurovision privileges, every member of the EBU must agree and let Catalonia to join the EBU. Of course, Spain and its allies would say ‘no’ to Catalonia and TV3.

Firstly, the Republic of Catalonia should start diplomatic relations with Spain, then, the UN and the EU have to recognise Catalonia as a nation; then, Catalonia would be allowed to join the EBU. We recommend them to not follow Kosovo’s steps, when various diplomatic conflicts started between Kosovo and Serbia (today they still happen).

The predictions say that the turnout of the referendum would be a 51.3%, and the ‘Yes’ option would win with a 61% of the vote (more or less). ‘No’ option would get a 36%.