The Eurovision 2018 season has just started a few days ago (on 1st September), and we already have some interviews to present you. The first artist who has answered this web’s questions is Twisted Riö, a pre-candidate for the BBC’s National Final.

SpainEurovisionInfo (SEI): Hello Riö! Firstly, let us say thank you for letting us interview you, it is certainly a pleasure. Well, you have been rejected twice by the BBC, how did that feel?

Twisted Riö (TR): The pleasure is all mine, thank you for reaching out to me. I’ve actually been rejected by the BBC 3 times now & it feels a bit disheartening, but it didn’t stop Sanna Nielsen trying for Sweden 6 or 7 times. It definitely won’t stop me from trying.

SEI: How did you start in the music world? Which artist was your icon/model?

TR:  I was late to the game, I didn’t start singing professionally until 2012 & I was 23. My musical influences vary greatly. I’m inspired by a lot of 80’s music these days, I find the genre fascinating & so experimental. I’d have to say Lady Gaga is probably the biggest icon to me, not just because of her music, but everything she’s created.

SEI: Why are you constantly trying to get into UK’s National Final? Do you consider yourself an eurofan?

TR: I would consider myself a MASSIVE eurofan. The first time I ever saw Eurovision I was 8 years old & Katrina & The Waves won it for the UK. Ever since then I have been hooked every year. Its one of the only nights a year I let my hair down and have a drink!

SEI: Have you followed the Eurovision Song Contest over the years? Which is your favourite entry ever? And your favourite candidature for the UK?

TR: My favourite entry EVER, that’s a really difficult question. I’d have to say Loreen. I feel like she changed the direction of Eurovision when she won. & I love love love Dami Im from Australia. Favourite candidate for the UK would have to be Katrina & The Waves, or maybe even Bucks Fizz!

SEI: Can you talk us about your song? Do you think it is an Euro-friendly song?

TR: Ok, so the song is called ‘My Delirium’ and in my humble opinion, has Eurovision written all over it. It’s an upbeat 80’s inspired dance track. It’s a totally new direction from my previous attempts but I have faith that Eurofans will love it.

SEI: What does Eurovision mean to you?

TR: To me, Eurovision is a massive celebration of European Culture (good & bad) and it’s the one night of the year Europe is truly united through the power of music. Music is an amazing tool for bringing people together.

Thank you so much for answering our questions, we will follow your attempt of representing the United Kingdom!